Heads Up - Seeing Lots of Things Shaking Loose

  • My first surprise was the belts. The new tightening mechanism seems to also make it easier for the belts to lose tension. After one or two bad prints I am now in the habit of tapping the knobs lightly before each print just to check.

    Hit a new one today. I had a print fail and noticed a wobble in the platform. I tried several times to get it tightened with the concentric nuts but no joy. Then I realized that the screws that hold the aluminum table on to the track had become very lose. The whole aluminum table was wobbling and every screw needed tightening.

    Never seen things like this on the Ender.

    I also have to be careful with the front connections because both the SD card and the USB cable (to the Pi) are extremely loose. Really poor tolerances--never see a USB socket with so much slop.

    If the CR-6 were human I would classify it high maintenance.

  • Just went through the power-switch and USB struggle myself. Apparently you need to wait for a thing that 100% will fail (like, say, a switch rated at 6 amps switching on a DC PSU with an inrush current of 60 amps) to actually fail before they'll address it 😕
    Also, took a solid 2 and a half weeks to get the first e-mail reply from them.

  • Yeah. What bugs me is that on Kickstarter they are bragging about how great a job they did getting everything out the door--they seem oblivious to all the quality issues people are reporting. And worse they seem to have given up trying to even do support. I finally gave up trying to get them to pay for my power switch replacement.

    As we say in the states: TONE DEAF

  • @johnelle said in Heads Up - Seeing Lots of Things Shaking Loose:

    never see a USB socket with so much slop.

    The whole PCB is a joke, full of clumsy beginner design errors and electrical faux pas.

    The CR6 subreddit has a real nice unpacking checklist that goes through all the screws to check for tightness, and other quick diagnostics to try and avoid the most common issues. If the printer shipped with the bed screws loose, they'll likely come a lot more undone after a few prints.

    For the belt tension issue, I can recommend this Thingiverse model for keeping the belts at the preferred tightness.

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