Screen not initializing on E3 V2. Did not do a Firmware update.

  • I love this printer. I have done several prints and they came out great. However, last night my printer failed to initialize when I turned it on. I can see a blue light on the processor board and I see my screen getting power, but no display initilization. It just stays black. I saw lots of folks having this issue after a firmware upgrade, but I din not need one as my system had the 1.02 version installed at the factory. Any ideas? This thing is less than a month old.

  • I started to have the same problem too with my Ender 3v2 (4.2.2 mainboard) with BL Touch. The BL Touch doesn't even light up anymore on boot up, but all the fans working fine. Can someone please advise?

    I was looking into buying a new mainboard, but not sure if that's the problem or whether it's the screen itself.

  • @billo53 I have exactly the same problem, would love an easy solution.

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