SD Card Reader no longer working

  • I successfully made a few prints with my CR6SE last month, but haven't used the printer for a couple of weeks. Today, I attempted to print files and the reader would not recognize my new g-code files.
    At first, it recognized the files I printed last month, but then didn't even read them after a few attempts.

    1. Tried both the 8mb card from Creality and an 8mb Sandisk.
    2. Reformatted both cards. Full format to FAT32
    3. Put only one file in the root directory of the SD card, with no other files and folders.
    4. Tried inserting card with printer on, and inserting while machine was off and then restarting.
    5. Tried pressing on the card a little to make sure it's seated while attempting to read.

    Nothing seems to be working. I notice that the locking mechanism that is supposed to hold the card in until you push and then remove doesn't work either - you can just pull the card straight out.

    These cards both read just fine in my PC and in other devices

    My backer # is 4,577 on Kickstarter. Do I need a new card reader or motherboard? Please advise.

  • After months of operating the SD Card reader in our CR-6 SE is no longer working reliably. We formatted to Fat16 and used a smaller 2GB card with filenames no longer than 16 characters. Doesn't matter at all. Seems the contacts start to lose reliability. May open it up and attack the contacts with contact cleaner.

  • After contacting Naomi Wu, she must have pulled some strings because my new MB showed up air express within a few days, I’m keeping it as a backup, since I have the BTT board and display in hand to install.

  • @Defens In my case the card showed up after a couple of weeks.

    Probably is cheaper and faster replace the card.

  • @Defens After an initial email response that Creality agreed to replace my motherboard I’ve seen no more response in over a week. Do these guys just go dark and not fix anything, or should I expect to just see a board to show up one day.

  • @Defens said in SD Card Reader no longer working:

    Do I need a new card reader or motherboard

    Unless you're prepared to do SMD desoldering and soldering, these are functionally the same thing.

    Given that the locking mechanism is malfunctioning, you'll probably need to have it replaced somehow; even if it did read the cards, without having the card locked in, there'd be a constant danger of prints failing because of the card losing contact inadvertently mid-print

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