Creality CR-6 SE 3D Printer had its First Batch of Shipment Arranged

  • We always appreciate your strong support on the Creality CR-6 SE crowdfunding campaign.

    After one month of the Pledgebox survey, our Creality CR-6 SE team spent quite some time on processing orders from 10,401 backers. At the same time, our engineers at headquarters and production personnel at the factory are crazy busy in carrying out trail production on CR-6 SE.

    By now, we’ve finished hundreds of pieces of CR-6 SE, which are ready to be shipped soon. Let’s probe into more details!

    1. What was/is going on the CR-6 SE production workshop?
    Before trial production, we've spent time on preparing for all quality components and materials needed for CR-6 SE. Then, Mr. Alan Xu and other chief engineers went to the factory to guide technical workers at the factory on trial production of CR-6 SE.

    In order to prevent any possible problems from happening, and quickly resolve those that do occur, chief engineers spent two weeks in the factory closely collaborating with technical workers. They checked and inspected sample parts together, made, and assembled beta machines together, tested the beta machines together.

    After all that, we organized a team to exclusively work on producing CR-6 SE. Starting on a new machine always requires more time and attention to make sure everything alright.

    By now, we are having 200 pieces in hand. Among all these produced machines, at least 100 pieces will be shipped today (July 14th, UTC +8). As getting more familiar with the producing process of CR-6 SE, the team can finish producing at 250 pieces of CR-6 SE per day.

    2. How do we arrange shipments and why?
    After consideration for a long time, the company decided to send packages to top countries with most backers (Note: The picture is the Community part on Kickstarter page), so we sort out the backer’s name according to countries. The order of shipment is determined by the time when we receive your Pledgebox survey. For example, if you are from the US and we received your Pledgebox survey very early, you will get a chance to receive the package earlier.

    Why did we decide to do so?
    1.We were going to ship packages according to the backer’s number, which means that the early backers will get the packages earlier. However, we changed our mind after we talked to our partner logistics company.

    Backers are from different countries. For instance, if we sent 10 packages respectively to the 10 super early bird backers who might from 10 different countries, the logistics company will process 10 shipments to different countries, which will complicate the whole shipment arrangement.

    Besides, the shipment from China to overseas countries will be done by sea. It is known to all that the marine courier requires the carrier to meet the mini-mum freight volume, so we try to make it easier to meet the mini-mum freight volume.

    In a word, the shipment is arranged based on the order of top countries and the order of the time we received your Pledgebox survey.

    3. How does shipping work? How long will it take you to receive your CR-6 SE once your package is shipped?
    We are dividing all the rewards into different batches based on the orders we have sorted out, and the number of printers we produce each month. We will post an update every time when we are going to do a new shipment.

    The preparation work of a new batch of CR-6 SE shipments includes forwarding backers’ order information to our factory and warehouse, preparing the complete package (with all add-ons included) for each backer, forwarding all backers’ contact information to the logistics company, and more.

    The average delivery time is 30-45 days. From China to other overseas countries, the shipment will be done by sea. When the package arrives in the destination country, we will assign an express courier company to complete delivery to backers.

    Every time we start a new batch of shipment for CR-6 SE, we will announce and publish the backer number on our Facebook page---- Creality Service Account. Please follow us in advance, so that you won’t miss any information.

  • For the next crowdfunding project we are planning but now details now, as we are put all attention on the shipping for CR-6 SE. If any news will update on the frum. Thanks for supporting us.

  • @admin have you decided on a large scale printer, with crowd funding ? if you do I will be interested.

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