CR-6 SE card reader not working

  • I have just set up my new printer and it is not recognising the SD card. I have formatted the card and copied new files over. I have tried using a different SD card. I can't do anything with it at all.
    Very frustrating!

  • @NZUser If by "pulling it apart" you mean opening thecase to inspect the motherboard, you should definitely do that anyway to inspect all connectors are seated properly, the motherboard is insulated from the case, and to remove the tinning from the power connectors.
    Not related to the SD card slot, but something you should do with the CR-6 either way.

  • @NZUser I bought my CR6 through the official store, I have exchanged few emails with them and sent a video documenting the issue.

    So far I have only a tracking number but I am optimistic.

  • @guivo short of pulling it apart to get at the board I've tried everything I can think of. How did you arrange the replacement board?

  • Have you tried to move it a little bit? Mine has an instable contact and creality is sending me a new board.

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