Help with auto home needed

  • Hello.

    I have just purchased my second ender 3 v2, arrived promptly today and have assembled tonight.

    I have followed the instructions for setting the auto home and adjusting the bed to suit. When I click on save auto home settings I get a high pitched beep, when I click auto home again it does its thing then pushes the glass bed down not leaving the gap I have previously set. Happens constantly to the point there is no adjustment left on the printer bed.

    Any ideas or am I missing something, did exactly the same on this printer as I did my previous one which I've had alot of success with and prints lovely.

    Thank you in advance

  • @jackedward94 I meant "Z-axis" not "Y"

  • I think it is the "end-switch" on your printer's Y axis is not working properly, do you hear any clicking sound when you press it with your finger? I have had a similar problem with my ender 3 pro and changed the end-switch with the spare one which comes in the printer's box, problem solved.

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