This machine is starting to feel like a yikes

  • While I have been enjoying this machine so far there is missing clarity around the auto bed level, its more like an assisted bed level as its got a tolerance of around 1-2mm due to being software driven. Also the glass bed immediately stops working well if you use IPA which is nuts as its in the manual. Do I have to mention the least reliable choice for a USB connection id take a printer cable over that any day. The part cooling fan sounded like a bucket of bolts (now replaced). The psu fan is so noisy its crazy.

    With all of that said and the last week of buying fans, calibrating axis, trying to get things working nicely. Somehow I still do love this machine, so I won't send it back ... yet. The hotend is like a clone of a mosquito ish . And the print quality when dialled in is insanely good filament drive is not an issue and no blockages at all.

    So my honest advice to anyone purchasing this would be are you prepared to put in the effort to get the results? Are you comfortable learning how to improve whats given? If so this is a great printer. If not its definitely not going to be right for you out of the box.

    This is my first printer from creatality and I'm liking it now its cr6 v2. I used to have a flashforge creator pro mk10 and that took me 1 1/2 years to get it to a point where I could throw anything at it. So if I can do that with these results after 2 weeks I'm happy. This is now really a £500 printer though with all the parts purchasing to get it like this.

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