Cleaning Bed CR 6 SE

  • Hi guys, i have a problem with my CR 6 SE, i made a few prints with PLA and Was all fine. Then i had problem ti clean the bed in the right side there is like a super thin layer which i cant remove. Now when I tried to print the PLA did not stick and is like dissolving, what I can do?

  • IPA is the most common method for cleaning printed beds, but it does 100% certainly dissolve the "special coating" of the CR-6 glass.
    If you use a light-coloured microfiber cloth with your IPA, you can see a yellow residue come off the bed, and after repeated cleanings the originally pretty excellent bed-adhesion will significantly degrade. Wether you care about that or not is obviously perosnal preference, most glass beds are just regular glass with no fancy coating, but I would steer away from actively recommending cleaning methods that provably degrade a part of the printer that costs some $30 + S&H to replace.

  • I have honestly double checked a little the chemistry and the warning against IPA at seems a little too much.

    I personally use water and glass cleaning soap (alcohol based) but still went for IPA a few times, when in example I had the nozzle too close to the bed, taking care of washing it away.

  • Use dish detergent, NOT soap (which would leave a film on the bed and prevent adhesion).

    And the abrasive on the bed will leave behind bits of a plastic scraper that need to be cleaned off frequently. Metal tweezers with force applied parallel to the bed (don't dig in) seem to work best.

    For stuck large pieces of plastic - you could try more heat, or put the glass bed in the freezer for a while and the plastic should pop off (just remember to let the glass warm back to room temp for a while before putting it back on the printer).

  • Creality recommends only warm water and soap, anything harsher will apparently ruin the coating on the glass.

    If what's stuck on there is plastic, you could try heating the bed a bit higher than you do for PLA, to ABS temps, and scraping it off with something plastic (scraping with anything metal will scratch the absolute shit out of the glass. This is literally the most fragile glass build plate ever manufactured, apparently)

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