Ender Pro 5 Blue Screen

  • Recently purchased ender pro 5. Set it up and everything. Once booted, TMC connection error appeared.
    I flashed the following firmware into the SD card that it came with:

    Ender-5 Pro- Marlin2.0.1 - V1.0.1 - Endstop.bin

    It is the only thing on the SD card.

    Once I inserted SD card into printer and turned it on, a blank blue screen appears and does not go away. I tried turning it off and on but it does not go away?

    Can anyone direct me in the right direction?

  • This happened to me too. I think the consensus is that the TMC connection error message is unimportant, but you can indeed get rid of it with the firmware you describe. I suspect it needs to be done with an SD card with the correct format (maybe block size and total size matters too). I followed the instructions in another post to just put the bin onto the card that came with the Ender Pro 5. Skip the instructions about deleting all other files. This worked fine for me and I went from blue screen back to a working printer. Here is the relevant post:


    Here is a link to the firmware that you already have:


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