Help installing Bl Touch on mongrel CR-10

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    I have a CR-10 (I ordered the vanilla CR-10 but it arrived with a filament sensor so maybe it is an S??). Unfortunately the main-board suffered a fault a while back, and I had to replace it. I put in a Creality V2,2 board,, connected things up and away I went. All was fine.

    I recently thought I'd treat myself to an auto bed-leveller and the BL-Touch seemed to be the way to go.
    It arrived with instructions on fitting to the Creality V2 board and it looked straightforward. Essentially the Z-sensor connection was unplugged and the Touch connector (2 pin) replaced it. There was a further 3-pin connection which I connected as per instructions.
    When I powered on (after whipping off the z-sensor), I hit 'autohome' as instructed. The hotend moved, as usual, to the bottom left (0,0,0). It then set off diagonally across the bed before stopping and lowering towards the bed, with the BL-Touch dropping it's probe. The trouble is that it didn't stop, and went crashing into the bed. I tried again from a clean restart, with a finger on the power switch, and it crashed again.
    It occurs to me that the problem might be the mix of machine and main board. I tried the firmware for the plain Cr-10 and it bricked. I got it going again, via the arduino, and loaded the 10-S firmware, which works fine, but produces the above problem with BL-Touch.

    I hope someone can follow that rather rambling description and hopefully suggest a solution.

    Many thanks

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