Creality Slicer for Ender 6

  • Which of the Creality Slicer releases will work properly with Ender 6? Three versions are currently listed on the downloads area:

    This is the only version with a description that actually lists the Ender series in the name. However, the version number is the oldest / lowest.

    This update looks like it is more current, however, the description mentions it includes an update for the FDM printers. Normally, that description would not seem unusual, however considering what the next version's description says, I'm curious if it is not intended for the Ender series.

    While the version number looks like this is the most current release, the description says it was specifically designed for CR-6 SE ... which technically means, this is not a version one would use with any other printer except for that model.

    At first glance, this reads as if Creality stopped focusing on the Ender series for Slicer after v1.2.3.

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