SD Card reader not working

  • @admin
    My card reader is not working. I have tried multiple cards, I have checked the connections on the motherboard (not that I really know what I am looking at). Nothing works. The CR-6 SE boots, auto levels, everything else seems fine. But I have no way to load files to print.
    Help please.

  • I am having the same issue. I have been using the same 2 SD cards and suddenly my reader stopped reading any cards. Moving the card around didn’t seem to make a difference.

  • @NZUser I personally manage to make it work moving it a little, then the files show up. But be careful, because before the 2.X FW (now disappeared from the download section) a functional SD at the init is required because the bed leveling parameters are stored there.

    Unfortunately this mainboard has shown this issue quite often.

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