Bad is much higher with new springs

  • MY PRINTER[Ender 3 Pro]
    Hi community,
    I'm relatively new at 3d printing and I just encouter problem that I don't know ho to solve. I have instaled new springs on my 3d printer so I don't need to calibrate bad so often and I instantly noticed that bad is more higher than before
    ![0_1606821789188_IMG_20201201_121308.jpg](Uploading 100%)

    • springs are stretch at max so can't get bad any lower

    Any suggestions How can I get bad lower without changing new springs ?

    Thank you

  • FYI, your picture wasn't uploaded properly by the time you posted, so nobody can see it.
    You might want to bypass this forums rickety image upload functionality and upload your images elsewhere and link them with the "Picture" button (4th from the right) instead of using the "Upload Image" button.

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