Clicking Noise While Printing

  • Recently my CR-6 SE started making clicking sounds from the extruder motor. I was printing with the small spool of PLA provided with the printer at the time it started. Now that it has started clicking the print quality is so poor I am not able to print anything. I've upgraded the printer to the newest firmware and even took apart the extruder to make sure there wasn't some broken filament in there that may be binding things up. I have confirmed I can feed filament through the extruder by advancing it with the menu. I even bought a brand new roll of PLA yesterday to test with and it does the same problem. In the attached photo you can see the difference is print quality after the printer started making the clicking noise.


  • I'd guess your hotend is clogged. Check the pinned thread of Creality videos for instructions on how to change the nozzle or to clean the hotend throat (and re-cut the PTFE tube to be flush with the nozzle).

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