What am I doing wrong?

  • I am new to 3D printing and just got a Creality CR10 V3, with a BL Touch. I managed to print PLA after a little trial and error.
    Now I’m trying to print PETG and having problems. The prints are not sticking completely to the bed. I tried covering the bed with blue painters tape and that didn’t change anything. I have set the settings recording too many videos I watched on YouTube and just can’t get this figured out any help or guidance on where to look for help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you![alt text](![image url](![1_1606851574793_B94C8285-291C-4B96-97CD-274DB1708ED7.jpeg](Uploading 1%) ![0_1606851574793_EC5E12A9-60AD-4C13-8D04-F4F571EA28A4.jpeg](Uploading 1%) image url))![0_1606851730377_794FC705-07CA-4E2D-8938-728C25620AA0.jpeg](Uploading 3%)

  • Having the bed temp at 75deg with slower speed 40mm/s when I use PETG, fixed my bed stick issues .. (even slower 25mm/s for first 2-3 layers helps greatly) Ender 3 Pro printer.
    Also .. different brands of filament has different properties. (bloody annoying)

  • I generally have better results with PETG than PLA on my CR-10 Max, however after some issues I did find that PETG sometimes needs a different z-offset than PLA and I also print with a bed temp of 70c with just some Magigoo applied to the bed.
    Hope that helps.

  • @shinmai ![alt text](image url)

  • Bed-adhesion with PETG can be tricky. Blue painter's tape is decent with an unheated bed, you could try heated bed with unscented hair-spray.
    Also double-check your bed-level and z-offset, if it does stick in some places but not others.

    PS. Your images didn't upload when you posted, so they're not part of your post.

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