How do I put models in the Box

  • I want to upload models to the box, but not do it via USB. How do I send my models from my PC to the Box in the cloud, since Creality did not have enough fortought to make it accessible via a PC ethernet cable either.

  • You can upload your models to Creality Cloud by website:

  • Not going to get a lot of help by bashing them. Almost NO consumer grade printers have Ethernet or even wifi as an option so not sure what your on about there.

    You copy your sliced files to an SD card and then put the SD Card in your "box". No one uses USB as your print gets ruined if the attached computer hibernates, goes to sleep or reboots for any reason.

    If you want to do it via network, do what everyone else does and set up Octoprint. Creality even added an update for Octoprint users in the latest firmware.

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