Ender 3 Pro Top/Last Layer Not Printing

  • Hello there, I have bought a brand new Creality Ender 3 Pro recently. I built it with the help of the device manual so the only parts that I haven't installed are the spare parts of the printer.

    I am using the Creality Slicer Software, and my printer has a heated bed. With basic settings in slicer software I started the printing process, every stepper motor and extruder works fine. But my prints just wouldn't stick to the bed and get dragged around with the extruder movement, this happens right before the %90-%95 of the printing has completed.

    Any solutions to stick my print on the printing bed? Open for suggestions if you have one 😉

  • AquaNet hair spray is a great adhesive, just spray lightly and go. Glue-stick also works well: I dissolve (thin) some in 70% alcohol and apply.. smoth out with wet paper towel. either method may require a little soaking in warm water of the glass plate/print to separate. Do not FORCE separation or you damage glass plate surface.

  • Try adjusting/tuning the bed heat settings ..
    Or stick glue applied to bed ..
    Or Hair spray .. (cover fan & belts .. etc)
    But, I've had the best results from just fine tuning the bed heat settings & speed.