Ender 3 blank screen

  • My Ender 3 suddenly only has a blank screen after turning the display on. The display lights up but displays nothing. It just happened when I turned the printer off and on. I did not tinker with the firmware of the printer. The fans also will spin.

  • I had this same issue with my Ender 3 Pro. It was the SD card. Take out the SD card and turn on the printer, if everything starts as it should, there you go. I just went and got a new card and formatted it using SD Card Formatter found here. For some reason it doesn't like any other formatter. https://www.sdcard.org/downloads/formatter/. Then loaded all the files that came on it originally from the Creality site and I was back in business.

  • Try "pushing" (even unplug & re-connect) all plugs ..

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