Ender 3 V2 SD cards problems

  • My new printer did only read the sd card ones, next try it was destroyed. Made a new card with downloaded files. It did only work a few times and then the card was destroyed. The cards do not work in any computer any more. It says, can't read super block. What does make this fault?

  • Having the same issue. Even have been turning the machine off before inserting card etc and still happening. Down 3 cards in 1 week. Any thoughts anyone?

  • @tractornisse Same exact thing just happened to me yesterday. Any solutions?

  • Faulty sd card ??
    The mini sd card that came with my 3D printer was corrupted after second insert to printer .. power was on when inserted .. re-formatted, re-loaded file from site (made extra copies on PC, just in case) .. working again .. I turn power OFF on the device before remove sd card now & every time .. small hassle over large headache of losing & reloading files.

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