WiFi Box do not connect to wifi after update

  • Hello,
    Yesterday, from the android phone app, i receive a msg. that i can update the firmware of the wifi box. I started the proccess, and wait.
    Until now (after >12hours) from the app, i see the same info: the wifi box is updating. I reset (power off) the wifi box, the yellow led is blinking fast and the green led (3rd) is on, but from the phone app i see the same info: the wifi box is updating.

    What should i do?
    (wifi network is on, internet speed is good).

  • Hi, how did you changed status of "updating" in the app? Looks that I have a similiar problem as you had...

  • Solved!!!! I entered in the logs (from the SD card) - in httpclient.log. It seems that is has a MQTT connection. But also, from there i find the files needet for update: http://file2-cdn.creality.com/model/cfg/box/V1.01b36/cxsw_update.tar.bz2
    Downloaded them, writing on the SD card, inserted then power in up the WiFi Box. The next challenge was to change the status from the phone app (keep showing me "Updating") with no possibility to delete the wifi box or anything else. After a few tries, i figure out.

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