Ender-6 3X Faster? Really?

  • Now that my Ender-6 is all tuned up with added BL Touch, time for a speed test. My other printer, a Qidi X-Plus and the Ender-6 were setup to print an identical subject. The Qidi finished the print in 24hr and 8min but the Ender-6 took just over 32hours. I've done several similar tests with my Ender-3 Pro and X-Plus and they have always finished within minutes of each other with the X-Plus still winning. So how can the Ender-6 be 3X faster? I have compared print speeds in the Cura based splicers, and the Qidi is 60mm/s and the Ender 6 is 80mm/s. What is going on?

  • From my (2weeks) printing experience with the Ender6, I noticed that the amount of infill plays a big part in the overall speed of a print. The maximum increase in overal print time is achieved while printing solid parts. The Ender6 takes 50% less time than my Ender3 with a 100% infill part. With 20% infill its about 30% quicker than the Ender3.

    Since most printers, like the ender 3, print at 50/60mm/s what Creality really means is: it moves 3 times as fast. Not: it finishes a print 3 times as fast.

    Still, i think they've done a great job with the coreXY system. For me printing 2 times as fast really floats my boat!

  • I increased my print speed to 150mm which did improve overall but still slow in comparison. I agree the price I paid does put the X-Plus in a higher bracket I suppose but the Ender-6 also cost twice as much as my Ender-3 which gave hope to at least 2X performance.

  • The ad line is "3x faster than an average printer", so I guess by Creality's standards, the X-Plus isn't average (given that it's twice the price of the E6, which is itself way above the price range of average non-corexy FDM printers, I'd probably agree).

    Also, if Creality's numbers are to be believed, you're running the printer quite slow. They quote speeds up to 150mm/s, which based on what I've experienced with my CR-6 (advertised 100mm/s max, actual realistic max speed of about 90mms/s), you could probably get a solid third more speed from your E6.

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