Ender 6 startup issues

  • When I power on my ender 6 and go to the home location, the carriage stays at its current place, moves a little to the left (2-3 MM) and moves to the rear, not the right rear home location without bltouch. With the bltouch installed, it moves to the left side of the carriage and slams into the left side. I have re-flashed with the firmware 1.0.1 for non-bltouch, and 1.0.2 for bltouch. The bltouch is disconnected when the 1.0.1 firmware is installed. When the bltouch is installed and 1.0.2 firmware, the bltouch powers on and flashes. It was working before this happened.

  • What settings do you have do you under:
    Settings > Move ?

  • You mean bl touch was working before this happened? Was it after a firmware upgrade that it started happening?

    Could be loose/wrongly connected wires somewhere too (new bl touch?). Or maybe even interference with bl touch cable if it's wrapped around something or not neatly wired.

    There is also a bl touch firmware now.

  • Sounds like your X-Endstop might have a problem. Did it get disconnected instead of the Z-Endstop?

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