CR-10 V3 with newly installed BL touch Firmware

  • I just purchased a cr-10 v3 and installed the bl touch. I can not find the firm ware on the site for this combination. I tried the v2 with titan and bl touch but that does not seem to be working. The problem seems to be the end stops are not working and when going to start the print the machine goes to center then back to home and makes a chattering sound like I bottoms out the motors travel and the screen says too far and stops the print before it has even started. Someone please tell me how to fix this and where to find the proper firmware



  • Same issue here. However it works fine. Only issue is wrong printername in display. V2 instead of V3.

  • @Muff_Herder

    Same basic issue for me. However I found the CR-10 V3 download in the middle of the product review page. I downloaded both the BL-Touch and Normal Direct Drive versions in case I got into trouble.
    I flashed the firmware and everything works however
    I have a concern.
    The display console say's CR-10 V2 now where it previously said CR-10 V3
    The ZIP file I downloaded was Titan Direct Drive and BL
    The HEX file contained within was called
    CR-10 V2TF1.1.6.0BLTouchV3.1PowerLossContinueFilamentCheckEnglishandChinese.hex

    So I assume that I have truely installed the V2 software and not the V3 as the download lead me to believe.

    That V3.1 that got me excited was actually the V3.1 of the BLTouch and not the V3 for the CR-10 V3

    So big question is now where is the actual HEX file for my CR-10 V3

    They need to update the WEB site I think and post it.

  • Did you find a resolution to this problem?

  • Having the same issue. Did you ever receive any help or resolve the problem?

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