CR-6 SE prints away from the bed

  • Hi, I'm new to the world of 3D printing.
    I've just purchased a CR-6 SE but I'm having some issues: The printer starts the print just fine (close to the bed, as it shoud do) and then it starts going upper on the Z axis and prints into the air. It keeps going up and down on the Z axis, while (I think) moving into the right position for the X and the Y axis.
    I think it's a software issue. I've tried updating the printer to the latest firmware but it doesn't solve the issue. Has anyone had this same problem before? What slicer are you using?
    Thanks in advance, Al

  • From what the OP posted, I don't get that impression. They specifically say "printing in the air" so I'm assuming it's extruding plastic, just not at the part, but somewhere above it. Also they say the hotend "keeps going up and down on the Z axis", which it wouldn't do with a clogged nozzle, it'd go consistently up, tracing the lines it should extrude but just not pushing out plastic.
    Bed leveling would of course move the head down marginally during this, but not to a degree discernible to the naked eye.

    @Al if you could post a video of a print, that'd be helpful to figuring out what exactly is going on as a lot of people seem to be confused and are heavily extrapolating what they think is happening based on what you wrote.

  • @Al can you hear a clicking noise during the print? My guessing from what your explaining it sounds like it could be a clogged nozzle. I'm guessing it goes up over time but nothing is comming out of the nozzle. You could test whilst it is doing that feel the filament comming from the roll if you feel it moving its probably not a clogged nozzle. If its not moving but jolting it may be a blockage may have happened if you tried printing to low or the tube to the carrige wasn't pushed all the way through to the nozzle.

  • Dear @Al

    Recommended reading of the manual
    Questions about your description of print air

    1. Adjust the Z-axis to compensate for the proper height so that the nozzle can make proper contact with the hot bed to print.
      The distance between the nozzle and the hot bed is the thickness of an A4 sheet of paper.


  • @guivo said in CR-6 SE prints away from the bed:

    Another option bad adhesion

    How? It's not like the filament is holding the hotend in place and it floats up into the sky if not tethered down to the build plate...

  • Hi @Al any luck? have you tried to repeat the bed-leveling procedure?

    The Z going up and down while printing is compatible with the auto bed-leveling, the fact that it is ok in some area and far away in other is compatible with bad leveling parameters. There are also post-sale videos about the bed-leveling procedure and X axis alignment.

    Another option bad adhesion, in this case (based on my experience with the CR6) you can try to clean the bed (several posts on that) or clean the nozzle.

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