Creality Cloud FAQ

  • 1.Does Creality Cloud support the webcam?
    answer:Creality Cloud doesn't support webcam now.It will release in the version 2.0

    2.The creality 3D printer which replaced the original motherboard with a third party one. Can it connect to creality cloud?
    Answer:It don't support the third party motherboard yet

    3.Can Creality Cloud connect to other brand 3D printer?
    Answer:Other brands are not supported at this time.

    4.The Creality Cloud can not connect to the 3D printer
    Answer: If your phone is an iPhone, please check if your IOS version is lower than IOS 10.If your phone is an Android phone, please send your phone model and the version of Android to Our engineers will fix the problem for you.

    5.Can Creality photon printer connect to Creality Cloud?
    Answer: Adaptation of the Creality Cloud to photon printer is still under development.

    6.Can I upload stls to Creality Cloud by web?
    Answer:Yes, the web address:

    7.Why does Creality Cloud keep giving me parameter errors when I connect to the printer?

    Answer:You can't change the ID number obtained by scanning the QR code. It's your No of Wifi-box.

    1. Why Creality Cloud need the permissions of storage, photo, Location?

    Anwser: Creality Cloud can upload your models from phone to model library, so it need the permissions of storage. Creality cloud need scan the QR on back of WiFI-box to read the number of WiFi-box, so it need the permission of photo. The location permission you can choose to open or close, this function just for you have a chance to make friend with somebody nearby.

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