CR10 MAX Z Axis issues

  • Good morning, I have a CR10 Max and been quite impressed by it.

    After printing a large file that went over 7 days, the printer has malfunctioned. Now every time I try to auto bed level with the BL Touch probe the Z axis goes up more and more with every attempt.

    I have flashed the firmware to the latest, changed out the main board and even changed out the BL Touch but the same thing continues to happen. any help in resolving this would be greatly appreciated.


  • @Phil101 Hi. Can you tell me please were you got firmware for lcd? Because i did everything after YouTube videos, and I could update tiny machine motherboard firmware but for lcd they have only one file, but after tutorial videos need have folder. I looked everywhere, cant find it.

  • @Trubritar I also have a CR-10 Max and had some issues with z axis and leveling, but not the same as yours, however after loading the Tiny Machines firmware on the mainboard and LCD it solved all my issues, as a bonus you also have the option to manually adjust the z-offset from the menu with the TM firmware.

  • Dear @Trubritar

    Does auto-leveling more and more mean (descending lower and lower or descending less distance each time relative to previous descents?
    Didn't understand your description; Suggest sharing the video of the failure to solve your problem more quickly!
    Thank you

    Z-axis compensation is stored on the memory card each time the compensation is correct; it is recommended to use the same card for each print; replacing the card will require readjusting the compensation.

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