CR vs Ender

  • im sure this topic has already been posted but i couldnt find it. im confused what the difference between the two series are. seems best to go with a creality printer because they are well know and have a good user forum. maybe someone could suggest the best printer for me. here are the specs im looking for.

    #1 build size under 200 x 200 mm and over 150 x 150 mm
    #2 auto leveling included
    #3 pre assembled or easy assembly
    #4 fast if possible
    #5 as trouble free as possible
    #6 50-100 microns
    thank you

  • I would ask this question in a general 3D-printing forum, instead of one manufacturer's customer support forums. You can still mention that you definitely want a Creality printer, if that's what you're going for.

    1-4 is something that most $150-$300 FDM printers are. For some you might need to install ABL yourself, but other than that, picking any reliable model in the build volume range you mentioned would be equal to most other options.

    6 is the standard max Z-resolution for FDM printers. You won't find any that would print at 25 microns without massive amounts of tweaking, nor are there any out there, really, that couldn't do 0.1mm layers out of the box.

    #5 as trouble free as possible

    This is something that you'll have to come into grips with not happening, or be prepared to spend a LOT of money on the printer. Consumer 3d-printers are hobbyist devices, and printing on them is always a trial & error process. They also require regular maintenance, calibration and tweaking. Unless you're willing to pay tens of thousands for something like a Stratasys F120, you're not going to buy a 3d-printer that's anywhere near as reliable and plug-and-play as, say, a traditional inkjet or laser printer, for instance.
    You will need to calibrate and tweak the machine to get good quality, you will need to do maintenance, repairs and part replacement to keep it running and you will have failed prints. That's just what it is.

  • I think most of these machines are over that size ABL included minimises what options there are. I think I would say the CR6 but I can't recommend it at the moment as there are still a lot of bugs out of the box it will probably work but you will face issues in your first few months. Fast is really questionable, speed depends on settings and a lot of printers on the market will do similar speeds. Direct drive printers are technically faster but I think in terms of maintenance I prefer the bowden style as you have more room to work.

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