Ender 5 Pro, axis Z wrong location.

  • I've just bought Ender 5 Pro, but I've find an issue about axis Z. The mm displayed in the panel doens't correspond with the real location, 10mm displayed roughtly 5,6 mm real measurement. The piece grows crushed. What can I do ??.

  • Dear @Modest

    Does the machine print normally with a normal finish?
    1, If the Z-axis does not work properly even when printing.
    Check the Z-axis drive voltage black mute motherboard drive voltage normal 1.18-1.2v (relatively low on the lower can use a screwdriver to adjust the potentiometer to the normal voltage)
    2. Check the coupling between the screw and the motor and tighten the screws at both ends to ensure that the motor and the screw are synchronized.
    Test Method: The black meter is grounded and the red meter is connected to the Z-axis (DC) drive potentiometer to check the voltage.

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