Trouble printing PETG on Ender-3 V2

  • I am new to 3D printing and trying to print the "dog" on the card that came with the printer using a PETG filament. I've tried various nozzle and bed temperatures (e.g. 125-135 / 60-80) ) and have the fan off. Regardless it progress ok for perhaps 4-5 layers and then pulls up regardless of temp. I've seen mention of changing the "z-offset". Is that something that needs to be done in the file (and if so, how) or with the printer itself (and if so, how)? What else might I try? Again, my first few layers go down fine.

  • thanks. I meant temp of 225-235 originally. what does "pullback" and "pullback length" mean? Is that startup gcode I need to add, or do I need to regenerate the gcode so it considers that? If I'm adding gcode, what does that look like (G10 and G73?). If I'm regenerating, how?

  • @eric Nozzle temp is definitely an issue, increase to at least 230, bed on 70 should be good, fan off for first 4 layers and on 100% for the rest of the print. Try that first before adjusting z-offset.

  • Dear @eric

    PETG recommended nozzle temperature 235°C; hotbed temperature 85°C, pullback 60, pullback length 6
    Please share a video of a print malfunction regarding the z-offset problem after printing several layers; thanks!

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