Ender e not working right

  •  Hello, I’ve owned my Ender 3 Pro for nearly a year now and haven’t been able to get it to work properly. Ive tried using different slicers, different slicer settings, made sure everything on the printer was adjusted properly and I recently even tried replacing the motherboard thinking it might be a damaged board or software. The problems that I’ve experienced have been globs forming on the sides, inconsistency, triangular patterns forming on the sides of prints, the printer splitting circles in two so that theres an external wing on some prints, and generally worse printing quality than any other owner. Its slowly gotten worse over time and I’m running out of ideas, the only thing I can thing of trying now is replacing the TF card in case it was damaged. I would love to get outside opinions on this since Creality didn’t even help me.


  • Dear @FledPandora

    About your printing problem
    Check whether the X; Y-axis synchronous belt is loose (synchronous belt tensioner is adjustable)
    whether the V wheel is loose (if the profile has shaking adjust the V wheel eccentric nut to V theory clamping can be)
    Print speed recommendation 50 Check if the slicing software model parameters are set incorrectly

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