Ender 3 - Z Axis Knocking (Missing Steps?)

  • Hi All,

    Just hoping that someone might be able to help me track down the issue that's developed since i first upgraded the firmware to the Unified 2 TH3D firmware for my 4.2.2 board, that all went smoothly and i enabled Manual Mesh Bed Leveling but since i have my Z Axis motor now is making quite knocking noises like its missing steps as it accounts for the bed level, has anyone come across this and have a way to help me alleviate the issue, e.g. increasing the torque to the motor via a voltage increase.

    Any help would be hugely appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @admin Thanks for coming back to me, I will check that this evening.

  • Dear @wookiepez666

    1. Loosen the T-rod nut appropriately to increase the amount of absenteeism and reduce the friction of the screw.
    2. Check the position of Z motor installation and the screw for serious deformation.


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