Ender 3 Pro empty layers

  • Hello, First post here.

    Printer: Ender 3 Pro V1
    Slicer software: Creality Slicer v1.2.3
    Filament: Overture Rock PLA

    I recently got an Ender 3 Pro, and it's amazing, yes it has no upgrades yet, but it's just a week old.

    While everything worked well with all the small prints, something weird happened with a "larger" print.

    After a while, the printer started to print empty layers.

    I checked the settings for the nozzle was at 200, the bed was at 60, but no way to check why the filament was not moving and coming out of the nozzle.

    Any ideas why this happened, anyway this can be fixed or prevent it from happening again?

    How can Resume the print at the point it stopped?


    Thanks in advance for the help,


  • Dear @Yanith

    The whole thing prints well; the reasons why the top half did not print successfully are as follows
    1.Nozzle blockage resulting in no discharge.
    2. Extruder does not work resulting in
    Clean the nozzle and throat; cut the end of the Teflon tube flat again and tighten the nozzle (refer to the video).
    Check the extruder line for looseness;
    . Try to connect the x-motor cable to the E motor, use the move axis command to see if the E motor can move normally.
    . Try to connect the motherboard side, the x-motor cable to the E port as well, after heating the printhead to 185 degrees Celsius, use the move axis command to see if the E motor can move, if it can, then the motherboard is normal, it may be a motor cable problem, if not, then it is a drive problem.

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