SUNLU PETG temperature puzzle

  • I am printing PETG ok, but I am curious if any other experienced a similar temperature puzzle:

    I bought SUNLU PETG on amazon, with printing temperatures declared 240+-10, SUNLU websites for what seems to same product describes 200-230, the description on my box reports 200-220.

    I have printed okay 215 (bed 80) but those random numbers are upsetting.

  • @guivo Weird but I don't tend to use their recommended temps they are usually pretty out against what works well. I don't think they do alot of printing themselves other than to test. So many rolls I've had where they promise 0.02-+ accuracy and they are +0.05 or 0.06 they have no idea of the issues it causes and I don't necessarily go cheap either.

  • @gazman1985 I didn't have the opportunity to use PLA+, the material at the touch is extremely different, softer at the touch and similar to water bottle, as it should.

    The table behind the box is the attached (I hope)

    The packaging seems legit

    ![0_1607765284762_20201212_101353.jpg](Uploading 100%)

  • @guivo 200-220 sounds like PLA+ which they do sell its possible its either accidentally that or that they used the wrong roll label. For most PETG suppliers I found the print ranges are always higher than what they actually print at. For me personally I aim for around 225 flows well good adhesion and quality. I suspect between models / hotends there will be a variance. Print speed can also factor. Some people swear by tempreture towers as well so thats an option.

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