Motherboard cooling Ender 3 V2

  • I have a question regarding board cooling. In the previous models the board cooling was connected to the workpiece cooling. Now it is the same with the V2. I did not measure the temperatures, but could there not be problems with the new steppers on the silent board? Wouldn't it have made sense to connect the board cooling directly to the 24V or to the Hotend cooling?
    If you work with PLA that needs cooling the board become cooled, but for example if you use PETG the board gets in the worth case no cooling at all. I think this could be an issue.

  • @doasaun Please check whether the printing platform is shaking. If it is, debug the leveling nut at the bottom of the platform; Check whether the nozzle kit is shaking. If it is, please refer to the video to debug:
    PS. Adjustment range of each drive voltage: X(1.18-1.2V)Y(0.99-1.01V)Z(1.18-1.2V)E(1.38-1.4V)

  • Actually I have layer shifting problems think that's coz of the cooling problem.Now I am research how to cool down it more to fix my layer shifting problem.İ already sent mail about my situation but nobody reply me yet.

  • @Semmi Hi, did our after-sales people feedback you for your problems?

  • They also found out that the ventilation slots of the PSU were unfortunately covered. I think that it could be also a bad idea.

  • @Semmi Hi, if you still have the same question, please send a video to our

  • @admin

    No, the temperature of the bed is stable. I speak about the motherboard cooling, that is connected to workpeace cooling. I think that I will connect the motherboard cooling direct to the 24V. It will be noisy but I think that the new steppers could need more cooling especially when you print petg for hours. Maybe I am wrong, but that is why I asked this question.

  • @Semmi Hi, One-key cooling, won't the hotbed board cool down? Has the temperature of the hotbed decreased on the display?

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