Ender3 V2 and BLTouch

  • I just received my Ender 3 V2, and BLTouch. The printer was able to home before installing the BLTouch. I followed the instructions found in the you tube video from Creality and I was able to see the probe come out and retract but the printer stops moving. I did update to the latest firmware from the creality website.

    So, I tried to put the printer back to the base configuration. I removed the connections for BLTouch, and reattached the Z limit switch. I reflashed the board to the non-BLTouch build and tried again. When I try to home, nothing moves. the steppers are active, as I cannot move X,Y, or Z, but there is no activity.

    any ideas or suggestions would be helpful.

  • I had same issue, Replaced board (4.2.2 to 4.2.7) issue remained, then I changed connectors (white one, passing exactly to the board), still not solved. Then I replaced the BLTouch V2.2 with a v3.1 and issue immediately solved....

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