How can i install a BL Touch and a filament runout sensor for Ender-3 v2 ?

  • Hello, i just bought an Ender-3 v2 and i want to install a filament runout sensor and a BL Touch on it, all the videos i found were about the Ender-2 "v1" and it seems to be a pain to install it(removing condensator etc), i hope it'll be easier on the v2, help me...
    Thank you

  • @TheSymba @Hronus Hi dear clients, as we haven't online Ender-3 v2 BL touch, then there is no BL TOUCH filament here, we are still working on it if we finish it, and online in the website, we will have a declaration here. Thanks for all your support.

  • Hello, I'm new in the 3D printing world but as far I'm reading the last threads about BL Touch on the Ender3-V2 there is at the moment no Firmware Update for the Ender3-V2 for the BL-Touch. There was an for a very short time but was taken out almost at the same time, someone was able to grab it so there is a few guides how you can install the BL Touch on the Ender3-V2 with the older Firmware on the internet.
    I have also purchased the BL-Touch 3.1 but will wait until the offizial Firmware release.
    Accordingly the filament runout sensor - sorry no idia atm.

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