R/C modeler here - Can the Ender 3 V2 do Lightweight PLA?

  • I am an avid plane modeler, who's hoping to get into 3D printed planes. Most use PLA, but there's suddenly a new option: Lightweight PLA.

    This filament acts like normal PLA at 205 degrees... but if you turn up the hot end temps to 220 deg C, you start to initiate a "foaming" action in the stream. At 240 degrees it significantly reduces the mass of the stream of PLA while expanding the size of the stream, so you can really reduce the mass of the PLA going into the aircraft. This does result in strength reduction but the increase in flexibility is quite enhanced; the plane will "bounce" on hard landings rather than shatter, like thin-wall PLA sometimes does when you have a small perimeter.

    I know our hot ends will go to 280 deg C (far too hot for LWPLA) but the firmware is good for 240 deg C.

    Has anybody here checked into a V2 machine doing LWPLA?

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