Ender 3 pro problems.

  • I have an ender 3 pro and I'm having some problems with the extruder gear grinding. I am also wondering what the best Cura settings are as far as retraction, layer height, etc.

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  • If you haven't yet, clean your extruder gear.
    If the teeth of the gear are full of plastic, it won't grip the filament and will just grind it more.
    You can adjust the extruder tension with the screw next to the spring. If the spring is worn down (as they do over time) and the screw is already at or close to full tension, you can purchase or print a small spacer to put between the spring and the extruder body to compress the spring more and get some more action to the tension screw.

    If you get your other settings tuned in, you should be able to tune down retraction to 3-4mm, retraction speed depends on the material you're printing. Layer height depends on what you want to do. Thicker layers are stronger, and print faster, but obviously have less Z-resolution, so introduce artifacts in curves and loss of detail.

  • @gminks First thing I would check is the diameter of the Filament to make sure its not being gripped by the Bowden tube that will reduce the extruder drive to nothing. Another thing worth looking at is your z offset make sure the nozzle isnt too low as that creates extra pressure in the nozzle. Print temps would be another one to check if the filament isnt melting fast enough it can cause issues (but this is less likely). Layer height will depend on what you happy with quality vs time wise, lower layer height better quality slower print times. For most things I print 0.3mm layer is perfect, I think most people I read use about 60mms retraction. Travel speed can be up to 150mms dependent on the filament and I only go there if the printer is calibrated nicely and all the tweaks to get it running nice are done. This is just my take so if anyone disagrees please chime in!

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