3D Printed #Turret in Forbidden City --the most Complicated Wooden Building #Creality #3D Printer

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    3D Printed #Turret in Summer Palace--the most Complicated Wooden Building by Creality's Printer. With so many pieces of beams and poles crossing over, the Turret is known as the most complicated wooden building in the world.

    Nearly all the city defense systems in ancient China consist of turrets. The turrets of Beijing Forbidden City are the most unique. In 1421, the Ming Dynasty moved the capital to Beijing and built the magnificent Forbidden City which occupies 72ha. Its building area is about 150,000sq.m. It is a masterpiece in the ancient architectural history of China and displays the highest level in the field of architectural art and technology of ancient China.

    The roof has three layers of eaves. They consist of slope roofs that jointing vertically and horizontally, forming a complex. From top to bottom, there are 10 pediments, 28 windows,28 corners, 56 lope roofs,72 ridges, and 230 animal ornaments in all. The number of 9-girders, 18-columns, and 72-ridges in the building are all multiple of 9. Nine is the biggest Yang number (in Chinese philosophy, Yang expresses masculine or positive principle in nature) appreciated by monarchies in the past dynasties. These concepts and designs are full of symbols increasing infinitude verve.

    Amazing buildings for ancient China and incredible 3D-printed work by Creality.

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