PLA Filament broken and stuck in the pipe

  • Hi,

    On my Ender 3 V2 , PLA filament is broken in the feeding pipe and I am not able to take it out.
    What should I do ?

    Please see the photo attached.

  • it was stuck at the nozzle. but it did not come off after heating.
    I ended up removing the nozzle and ptfe tube.
    it was a difficult task for me.

  • Is it stuck in the coupler in your photo, or is that the other end, and it's stuck at the nozzle?
    If the former, cut the PTFE tube, near the coupler, push the tiny bit of PTFE attached to the coupler through the coupler, remove filament from the rest of the tube and reattach the PTFE tube.
    If the latter, remove the PTFE tube, heat up the hotend, push the filament by hand until you see some come out of the nozzle then fairly quickly pull the rest out. Reattach PTFE tube.

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