Optimising quality of prints

  • Hi all

    New Ender 3 v2 owner here and been having fun with my first few prints (benchy, xyz cubes, octopus etc and a few home made designs as well 🙂 )

    Now that I am getting the hang of it and the initial excitement at the first prints is worn off I am looking at the quality and starting to nit pick.

    I have gone back to basics and the 20x20 5 square test layer - https://teachingtechyt.github.io/calibration.html#firstlayer

    what I get is a pretty good layer I think and I believe the bed is level and at the right height but I get these artefacts on the surface that I can't seem to eradicate. The Squares are in the same position as the print out. What is weird is that each square has a slightly different area of "imperfection". Am I just hoping for too much from this printer with PLA or is there something obvious to the seasoned 3D printers that can be done to tidy this up?

    ![0_1607681117324_20201211_105823.jpg](Uploading 9%)

    Thanks in advance

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