Main Board Upgrade

  • Hello All,

    I just got an Ender 3 and doing the V4.2.7 main board upgrade.

    I've double checked my wiring and when I connect everything i see a spark and smoke from F2 (fuse???) next to C7 and C6 caps on the board. The previous owner of this printer had a similar issue (which is how i ended up with it).

    Where should i start troubleshooting? What is this fuse protecting? Is there a detailed schematic of the boards available somewhere?

    thanks in advance


  • Dear @lucheng31 @Spetz
    There is a specific platform for after-sales service, you are welcomed to leave your questions here, our people will feedback to you quickly


  • If you have BLtouch, check the wiring. Creality switched the G/V/In wires for the BL_T connector.

    Found that out last night when my F2 given up it’s magic smoke 😭

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