Ender 3 Pro stops extruding midprint

  • Need some help here.

    The problems with my printer started about a week ago, and I have been using it for about 4 months without any issue.

    Current problem is that my printer stops extruding midprint. I went on to do some fixes (cold pull, clearing nozzle) but to no avail. Therefore, I went on to purchase a hotend assembly(including PTFE tube that was preassembled). I replaced everything, and the issue became severe under extrusion (where layers are super thin) and if I leave it to run, it eventually stops extruding.

    I realised that while the printer is running, I am able to push the filament in slightly and the under extrusion problem will stop momentarily. But eventually, even with continued manual pushing, the printer will stop extruding. If I pull out the filament and push it in again, the printer will start extruding as usual.

    The filament I am using now is the Creality filament and I have previously upgraded to the aluminium extruder assembly.

    Please advise, feel really lost now

  • Dear @dreamland02

    I have sent your issues to our engineer, following is the suggestion:

    1. Check whether the nozzle cooling fan works normally when the printer is working
    2. Re-cut the end of the Teflon tube flat and insert tightly, nozzles to ensure tightening
    3. Check the supplies to ensure that they are dry, nozzle temperature PLA can be set to 210 ° nozzle using the original 0.4 mm nozzle
    4. Check the extrusion strength of the extruder, extrusion clip spring strength adjustable, separate control of the extruder to see whether the discharge is normal, slicing software parameters back to the default, and then slicing and printing

  • I am having the same issue. The bottom layer of the print (trying both the dog and the cat from the SD card) works fine. Then the second layer partially comes out and won't stick, then nothing comes out.

    The cold extruder gears start to click constantly at this point, it looks like it's trying to feed more filament into the hot extruder but the filament is getting forced back out.

    I saw something online that said this was because the fan on the hot extruder was cooling down the filament. I set the fan speed to lower but that seemed to have no effect either.

    Any thoughts on what else I could do to fix this? Wondering if it's a problem with the stock filament that came with the printer, but it seems like the test model should work with the test filament, right?

  • Some photos of parts and prints could be helpful but based on what you wrote:

    Check your extruder tightness, it should be just tight enough to solidly grab the filament, but not too tight. Also make sure your extruder gear teeth are clean and free of any filament dust or debris.
    Is your extruder stepper hot? If it's overworked for whatever reason and heats up too much, it will just give up for a bit to cool down. Ditto for the stepper driver on the motherboard, if it get's too hot, it will just shut down until it cools down.

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