Ender 3, old filament?

  • Hey all, just got an Ender 3 and super love it! I have a whole bunch of filament from years ago when I used the M3D micro printer. Its PLA filament so it works on the prints I've been doing, but its no where near as high quality as the small spool that came with the Ender 3. I'm wondering if anyone else has used the same filament and if there are any tips

  • You didn't mention what filament it was, so it's hard to say if anyone's used the same one.

    That being said: PLA isn't SUPER affected by absorbing moisture, but if you hear a lot of pops and crackles from the hot end, you could try drying your filament. There are many ways to do this, including using a convection oven at low heat, modifying a vegetable dehydrator or putting the filament in a bag or case with silica gel beads.
    Experiment with different tempreatures; print a temp tower to find out the optimal temperatures for that specific filament.
    Use calipers to measure the actual diameter of your filament. Some cheper ones may have pretty massive dimensional tolerances and having an accurate filament diameter in your slicer will help a lot if there's a lot of deviation from the assumed 1.75mm.

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