CR-6 SE Pause at height function

  • When will Creality be fixing the firmware of the CR-6 SE to allow native support for M600 so that "Cura Pause at Height" will actually work. The ability to change filament mid print is one of the standard features for 3D printers running marlin based firmware and it works on other Creality printers.

  • Full M600 support has not been implemented in the community firmware. If you try to do anything w.r.t. parking, the print won't continue afterwards, as the controller is stuck in host print mode and the LCD is unable to send it gcode. Might work if printing from a host like OctoPrint already, but definitely not for SD printing.
    There is rudimentary pause support in the comminty FW, but from what I've heard form other users I do believe M25 works in the official firmware as well (haven't checked, though, haven't run the official firmware for more than two or three prints and am now on the BTT board, so can't even test)

  • This has been implemented on the community firmware so I cannot understand why Creality cannot address the issue.

  • This would require a major revamping of the LCD firmware and how it interoperates with the printer.
    Not saying it won't happen, but extrapolating from the development pace thus far with the CR-6 firmware, I wouldn't hold my breath.
    If you want working M600, and a bunch of other improvements, the quickest and easiest solution right now is the BTT SKR CR-6 drop-in upgrade motherboard and a matching V3.0 LCD. It's a $50 upgrade (+/-$15 depending on the size of the LCD) and honestly the best thing I've done for my CR-6. The board is also much better designed, electronically, and has room for updates (not as much as non-printer-specific SKR boards, but a lot more than the factory Creality board).

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