Best Cura Settings For an ender 3 pro with an all Metal Hotend.

  • Hello everyone. I have another question about slicer settings. I have an ender 3 pro with an all metal hot end and I am trying to figure out what the ideal Cura settings would be as far as layer height, and more importantly, retraction, along with any other settings you think are important. Thanks.

  • You should be able to just run one retraction tower to figure out a good baseline for retraction, then tweak as needed for different models.

  • Thank you for the response. I ran several stringing tests yesterday and I will make sure to run several more today.

  • These are all dependent on the material, the model and what is wanted from the final part. There are no singular Best Slicer Settings for any printer accross all filaments and models that produce the bets looking, strongest and fastest printing parts.

    Retraction and temperature settings also vary between individual printers, and are things you should calibrate for your own machine with test models like temperature towers and stringing tests.

    Lower layer height (and extrusion width) gives more detail to the print, and better surface quality, but higher layers and slightly wider extrusion will result in physically stronger results if printing things like braces, supports or mounts. Retraction reduces stringing, but lower retraction reduces heat creep for high temp materials and reduces zits and blobs.
    Higher speeds result in faster print times, but increase the visibility of side-effects of the kinematic system like ghosting and ringing. For all settings there are trade-offs, and Cura actually does a decent job of describing these for most settings, if you mouse over them in the settings editor. There are also countless write-ups and video tutorials online for tuning both printer and slicer settings.

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