CR-6 SE Nothing sticks anymore since

  • Hi,

    am i the only one which have problems with non-sticking prints since last update? I tried different PETG's and PLA's, dried one of them 6h, leveled the bed 100 times, tightened screws, replaced ptfe tube, cleaned the bed 100 times (with iso), flashed the firmware again (screen + mainboard), tried printing from sd-card and with octoprint and so on. NOTHING worked.

    Can it be possible that the bed leveling mesh is not used anymore?

    I tried downgrading to but the screen does not respond. Has anybody downgraded successfully?

  • @guivo No i don't. I think it was a FW problem. I'll stay at now because last print came out as good as before upgrading.

  • @S7EN Sorry I read too quickly your message. Not sure about the detaild about, I'm using 1.2 printing from the sd successfully.

    Did you check the voltage on the bl sensor?

  • Thank you but as i wrote, i cleaned it with iso (isopropyl alcohol). I make this before every print.

    The answer is, yes: The forces to not use the mesh which was leveled before. I downgraded both screen and mainboard to 1.0.2 and then upgraded to and everything workes fine again. 2 Days of work because of a firmware update let me think abaout ever upgrading again.

    Thanks Creality for nothing 😉

  • For me a ipa alcohol cleaning, washing it away almost immediately, made a difference.

    As well as the bed at 80 for the petg i used.

    I also cleaned bathe nozzle.

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