• So I just got my printer and so far not happy 1st bad sign was it wouldn't read the SD card sent with it. 2nd issue is the bed is massively off level can't add a pic thanks to the post limits, it set at a .05 add still cant print correctly. I have a ender 3 that I have leveled many times manually. I bought the cr6-se so I wouldn't have to fight with that anymore..... 3rd issue the filament that came with was junk. Any suggestions to fix my issues or did I waste my time and money?

  • @tacobob

    You'll get more help at

    If you're having so much trouble, return it.

  • Dear @tacobob, I send your post to our engineer, but he is confused about it. Could you send an email about the issue video to our after-sale email address?
    They will support you with a solution professionally. Thank you.

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