Selector knob not changing selection when rotating

  • I have a brand new (stock) Ender 3 Pro, assembled on 12/10/2020. I ran a 13 hour print over night. At some point overnight there was a power outage in my area. In the AM when I checked on the print, the Screen was blank, and the print was incomplete. I recycled the power, and when I pushed the Selector, I received the choice to Resume Print or Stop Print, I pushed the selector to resume the print, and it continued without an issue. Now I wanted to start another print, and that is when I noticed that the selector knob was not changing selections when I rotated it. All I can do is go between the Info screen and the Main Menu. I cannot select anything by rotating the knob. I have checked all the connections both on the screen board (EXP3) and the motherboard connection. Everything is snug and connected. I am new to this hobby, what can I try to get the selector working again.

    • Glen

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