Where is the V4.2.7 firmware that'll allow me to add a runout sensor

  • Hi, I'm very much a newbie so just assume I know nothing. Or maybe someone who knows just enough to be dangerous. In any event, I installed a new V4.2.7 motherboard after I fried the V4.2.2.2 board that came with my Ender 3 Pro trying to install a BL touch. I was to the point that I wasn't going to make any upgrades, because I it dialed down. But my roll of PLA + is starting to snag and I'm getting prints that just stop, so I really need to install the Bigtreetech Smart Filament runout sensor. I need to modify the firmware but all I can find is an RAR file with an already compiled .bin file that won't let me modify for the runout sensor. Any ideas and/or instructions would be greatly appreciated.

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